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I first remember going abroad when I was eight years old. Baby me had already been carted across several continents, but eight is when I discovered the world. It was also the summer when I began to read.


I spent days paging through Star Wars novels on my uncle's desert farm. I looked up from vintage Twilight Zone comics one night to see baboons watching through the window. I devoured fairytales sitting in a stone house's under-basement, at the edge of a pit where the frothing sea roared up from the bottom like a caged beast.


After that summer, I came back and continued growing up in the American Midwest. But my imagination never came home. Since then, I have gone on my own "errant adventures" and nearly fallen off cliffs in more countries than I'd like to admit. I received a painting degree with honors from the Herron School of Art & Design in 2010, and give them all the credit (for the adventures, not the near-death experiences). 


When I write, I try to capture how I felt like as a child, where fantasy is just another unexplored country, where danger and wonder go hand in hand with chores and eating your vegetables.



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