Leaping into Summer

So. COVID is almost* over. It's time to break out of what's safe and get out there. Do I regret what I accomplished in the last year? Nope. I paid down debt. I wrote a novel. I lost 15 pounds. I forged a really close bond with my mother. I didn't die. These feel like huge accomplishments. At the same time, so many things didn't happen. I barely got into the studio. I didn't participate in art crawls or writing conventions. Professional networking? What professional networking?

(*: yes, all the caveats, I know, I know)

So let's just say that this summer? I have plans.

  • Pitching my dark fantasy novel, Hell's Cupid

  • Creating my first major painting series

  • Joining the Milwaukee League of Artists

  • Taking on commission work

  • Launching several online tools to help writers and artists goal plan, get out of their heads, and create (Trust me, if they work for me, they'll work for anyone!)

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