Who is Death: Daisy's POV

One of the things I'm enjoying most about writing this book is getting to describe Death from different people's points of view.

One of my characters, Daisy, has more scenes with Death than anyone. Considering one of the characters is Death's godson, that's pretty impressive. Daisy first meets the supernatural being in her human disguise of Delilah Ferryman. Not recognizing the name as her best friend's estranged Godmother, she tries to place the woman and can only think of magazine articles about murder in the Hamptons, or of the Edward Hopper painting that disturbed her as a child. Death is a suave, black and white starlet of a woman, who drinks like a fish, and who draws Daisy into her orbit. Not surprisingly, Daisy dies soon after, but dying is only the beginning in a story about resurrection.


As part of writing Unfinished Business, I'm participating in the #ROW80 challenge. Since Sunday, I worked on scenes introducing Death from four character's POVs: her godson West, his friend Daisy, a funeral director, and the god Anubis. Also an aborted funeral and a killer rose.

Goal: 25K by end of challenge

Progress: 8.4K

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